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West End Travel, is a DC  Woman-Owned Small Business Certified Travel Agency in operation since 1981.


West End Travel, under the leadership of Vivianne Pommier, is one of the most respected agencies in the area, with a professional staff ready to assist with your travel needs. Our success is built on one major factor: service. We have made our reputation in the corporate world by rendering outstanding service to all of our clients, service which is above and beyond expectations.

In this era of airline cut-backs, ever-changing corporate policies, changing government travel regulations, there are bound to be more foul ups – leading to increased customer complaints. Who better to respond to those issues than a mid-sized agency that can, and will, provide personalized services.

A cornerstone of our success: our proven ability to reduce costs through cost-effective personal service.


All travel management companies are comprised of the same basic “nuts and bolts” and offer essentially the same reservations, reporting and account management services. So, what makes West End Travel the right partner for your company?

• Our small size
• Our international/third world travel expertise
• Our specialization in US flag (Fly America Act) travel
• Our commitment to cost savings
• Our hassle-free approach
• Our service record

West End Travel is also affiliated with athletic travel, working with local area college and professional teams as well as national teams, and individual professional athletes (soccer, baseball, skiing, tennis, beach volleyball and football).